Sunday, May 24, 2009

Surf's Up

We seem to live in a world chock-full of effortlessly bikini-clad gals. Why is it just assumed if you are under 45 and/or have not had kids, that you wouldn't be caught dead in a one-piece? When did this happen? Did I miss something? (Possible.) It's enough to make this gal feel as broken as Brian Wilson in his sandbox. I happen to favor the maillot look.

I'm dying to find the perfect one-piece swimsuit. Actually, I kind of did already...

It has everything I need: forgiving cut, chic yet darling print, sweet little ruffles...I mean, what's not to like?

Of course, it's the price: a wee $198. Plus shipping.

So I am trying desperately to lick my wounds and move on in the limited options of the one-piece world. It's just, nothing has grabbed my gut like that ginko-pattern.

Some of the considered replacements follow:

From old stand-by jcrew. But the price on this one is nothing to sneeze at either at $115.

Then we have:

But is this patterned suit really me? Not so sure. Price is better though, at $74.

Now for a non-ruffled option:

I guess I could get with this one...and it's on sale! I'm not convinced though.

In conclusion, I still feel unsatisfied and unsettled about this topic. The potentially never-ending quest will continue.

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