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Thursday, September 23, 2010

On the Way Home

Now that fall has officially arrived, I've started to think about getting cozy in some plaids (kind of like one of my idols, Neil Young), which makes me think of American heritage brands like Pendleton and Woolrich.

Woolrich jacket.

Pendleton shift dress with chain belt.

Love this hooded Pendleton jacket!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blues Run the Game

by Jackson C. Frank

Omg, speaking of shoes, these boots are aaaaamazing! Oh, the places they'd go!

Fight Test

Love these shoes from Osborn Handcrafted! Such beautiful fabric! This company's products have been making the rounds on the 'net, but now these beauties are on sale.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silver White Light

by Terry Reid

Totally obsessing over laurel wreaths lately and this laurel wreath necklace in this month's Lucky knocked me out! This piece is amazing all the way round. In fact, I kinda want all of these to wear at once, perhaps?

Fleur Crest necklace.

Griffin Crest necklace.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Street Spirit

I'm in the market for some oxford heels to complete my fall looks. As I've stated previously, finding vintage shoes in my size is dang near impossible, so I am checking out online possibilities...

These from Seychelles seem like the safe, easy and versatile bet.

I also wanna point out that Bass has some well priced, awesome fall shoes! I was surprised by how good they are. These won't work for my needs, but they are so sweet.

Unfortunately these Nicole heels don't come in black, but they sure are adorable!

The search continues!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I assume that my readers (all three of ya!) are mostly women. So much of fashion is focused on the female form, but a store that opened up around the corner from me less than a year ago got me thinking...what would I dress like if I were a boy?

The store, UnionMade, has the most flawlessly curated selection of menswear I have ever seen. Wolverine boots like my dad used to wear, French stripey shirts, ruddy work shirts, impeccably tailored pants, jeans in the perfect wash and cut, bags and backpacks...amazing, timeless stuff. Being in the shop was the first time I have ever even been truly jealous of menswear that I can think of! It ain't cheap, but this is clothing that will last a lifetime and never wear out or go out of style, and you gotta love that!

And then we have Mondo from this season of Project Runway. His entire look and aesthetic is so inspiring to me! It changes quite a bit in each episode, to be sure, but the core of his look and inspirations, from the pompadour and horn rim glasses to the fact that he sleeps with a Pee Wee Herman doll next to his bed -- I am just completely captivated by his style every week! I only wish I had the creativity and balls (!) to cultivate, let alone pull off, such a striking look.

If I were a guy, part of me would want to have a rough and tumble lumberjack look, and part of me would be feeling the rockabilly/skate punk look. What would your look be?

Beechwood Park

by the Zombies, of course

Imitation is definitely the sincerest form of flattery! Forgive me, but I am still stuck on The Uniform Project and these harlequin socks instantly burned through my brain! I so want to copy this whole outfit...not sure it'd be as cute on a gal with long, wavy brown locks instead of that adorable black bowl cut, but hey, I'm up to try!

The socks come in three color options and I happen to like these best, for fall especially. So freaking sweet!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Uniform Project

I don't know if you've already heard about The Uniform Project, since it's kinda been all over the interwebs, but just in case you have not, Sheena Mathiekan decided, with the help of a friend, to design a staple dress and wear it every single day for one entire year, styling it up each morning, as an "excersize in sustainability." Even better, the project was also conceived as a way to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation, which helps educate underprivileged children in India.

The project is over now, and has been for a few months, but over the year I found myself checking in with it every so often to gape at the crazy creativity happening. It's not only captivating but also very inspiring!

Anyway, I just found out you can now get your very own version of the dress she wore -- totally awesome! It's $150, which seems fair for something you could wear the heck out of, and some of the money goes to her charity. I just might ask for one of these for Christmas. Heck, I might want it before Christmas so I can wear it to some of the holiday functions!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Breeze

by quix*o*tic

This sweater is an absolute autumn dream to me -- the color, the texture, large buttons, everything! Why, oh why must it be so small (well, really, so short!)? Snap it up for yourself in the Astral Boutique...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Just ordered these cute booties from Ruche. Perfect fall footwear.

Also, wanna say that my song choices from here on out may or may not have anything to do with what I am posting about...sometimes you just wanna have fun!