Friday, September 10, 2010


I assume that my readers (all three of ya!) are mostly women. So much of fashion is focused on the female form, but a store that opened up around the corner from me less than a year ago got me thinking...what would I dress like if I were a boy?

The store, UnionMade, has the most flawlessly curated selection of menswear I have ever seen. Wolverine boots like my dad used to wear, French stripey shirts, ruddy work shirts, impeccably tailored pants, jeans in the perfect wash and cut, bags and backpacks...amazing, timeless stuff. Being in the shop was the first time I have ever even been truly jealous of menswear that I can think of! It ain't cheap, but this is clothing that will last a lifetime and never wear out or go out of style, and you gotta love that!

And then we have Mondo from this season of Project Runway. His entire look and aesthetic is so inspiring to me! It changes quite a bit in each episode, to be sure, but the core of his look and inspirations, from the pompadour and horn rim glasses to the fact that he sleeps with a Pee Wee Herman doll next to his bed -- I am just completely captivated by his style every week! I only wish I had the creativity and balls (!) to cultivate, let alone pull off, such a striking look.

If I were a guy, part of me would want to have a rough and tumble lumberjack look, and part of me would be feeling the rockabilly/skate punk look. What would your look be?


  1. That store looks amazing and if I were a guy I would definitely want to shop there, in fact I want to take my husband there right now and spend lots of money on him! The backpack, oh the backpack!

  2. dude, that store makes me giddy! it is soooo good. all the men in our lives should march right on over and shop exclusively there! :)