Monday, August 2, 2010

Boots of Spanish Leather

I have unfortunately large feet. I say unfortunately because of the difficulty of finding a good vintage shoe in my size, or even a pleasing new shoe, for that matter, and because I have seen disdainful looks from Nordstrom's shoe salesmen, as though shoe size were a measure of lady-like-ness or something. I'm sorry I internalized any of those feelings as I've traveled my road of shopping, as they've dogged me my whole life. Silly, I know.

But the older I get, the less I care about things like that, and the more I care to find myself particularly well shod for stomping it out about town!

I was a tad astonished to find such choice options on etsy today:

Is it weird that I want these? I used to dislike this kind of shoe but I kind of love them now. Progress?

Good lord, these are amazing! Pricey, though. Still...tempting.

And these guys are good, too, though wedges aren't really for me and my big ol' feets. There I go again...

Guess I need to work harder on embracing them. It's a lifelong journey, and I'm on it!


  1. I totally love those duck boots too, so no it's not weird. I wear size 8.5-9.0 but every once in awhile I come across a cool pair of shoes that are too big. I'll keep you in mind next time it happens.

    p.s. Yes, you should definitely consider a trip up to sr for the Regatta, it would be fun to meet you in person :)

  2. wow, thanks for keeping me in mind! finding vintage 10s is tough, esp ones that aren't super narrow. the regatta is on my grandma's bday so i may have some family stuff going on that day, but i am keeping it in my mind and hopefully we can also make it up there! it would be so wonderful to meet up! will keep you posted! :)