Monday, August 16, 2010

What Am I Gonna Do With a Gun Rack?

I know I sound a bit bananas here, but this weekend, as we were walking Valencia, the boyfriend and I bought a gun rack that was for sale on the street! Stay with me on this... The decor of our apartment is sorta lodge-like, so the gun rack will be perfect for a spice rack/photo display/etc, hung on the kitchen wall. No actual guns, promise.


  1. Haha! If only Wayne had your ability to think outside the box on this one, most EXCELLENT! The irony of using the gun rack to display lovely homey stuff is just too good :)

  2. way! :) i'm glad you understand the goodness of the gun rack! i was cracking up all day on sunday just thinking about having an actual gun rack in my home. i love it!