Monday, August 2, 2010


"Bundles" by my dear Mariee Sioux

Yay! My birthday was a week and a half ago or so, and one of my nearest and dearest is gonna get me this bag for a belated pressie! So lovely.

And hello, bag of my dreams! They sell these at Spool 72. I really wish they pictured their items hung on a person, since measurements and my imagination are not the best together. I think these bags run a tad too large for my day to day use though (which means they must be SUPER big!). Oh, and there's the price too...(that little thing)... But they are effin' incredible, nonetheless!

p.s. I kind of want a Pendleton laptop sleeve. Maybe it's a bit much, tho.


  1. Well happy belated birthday to you! That bag that you're getting is awesome. I've been keeping my eyes peeled at the thrift stores for a good jute bag myself. Found one that was pretty cool and also had tooled leather going on which was pretty unique but I gave it to my neice for her birthday, apparently they make great birthday gifts!

  2. hi missa! i've always wanted and never had one, so i am pretty pumped! you are sweet to give such a cool-sounding jute bag away. i am sure you will find another one before you know it in sr!