Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweet Thing

Even though these cards from Rifle Paper Co. have been all over the web, I just had to put em here as well -- they are too good to miss! I am such a card fanatic, I couldn't help but finally order some today...the color combos are just perfection!

On the music side of things, been on a mega Astral Weeks kick, although, now that I think about it, when am I not? Probably my favorite record ever.


  1. Such lovely cards!

    p.s. I DO need some duck boots for the chicken coop. I need a dedicated pair of shoes for going in the coop for sure and I was thinking of a cheap pair of garden clogs or something but the duck boots are a much more stylish option indeed, gonna try to thrift a pair :)

  2. hi, girl! the duck shoes don't fit so they're going back. :( hope you find some soon! i am gonna keep looking too. garden clogs'll do the job too for the coop, you're right, and are practical considering the task at hand. ;P you guys are so lucky to be able to have chickens! truly awesome. when will you start getting eggs?