Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wild Horses

cover by Flying Burrito Bros.

I've always been a nostalgic person, and as I continue to decorate my own apartment, I keep looking back to things that I loved as a kid. The most blatant example of this is my using much-adored illustrations from childhood books as art in my home.

Paul Goble's incredible artistry was seared into my brain as a young girl. This illustration is from The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, one of my favorite books. Each page is more beautiful than the next.

And did you know that Curious George author H.A. Rey was also an astronomer? He wrote and illustrated The Stars, which is full of his own sweetly kitch illustrations of the night sky.

And finally, you can tell I was an avid horse lover and equestrian as a kid, cause the other images from a childhood book that are on my wall are from Marguerite Henry's Album of Horses. I had every page of it memorized when I was growing up.

It adds an extra layer of meaning to my home, having this cherished and carefully selected artwork around every day.


  1. I LOVE the illustrations in The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses! I have it in my collection of vintage children's books and used a second paperback copy that I thrifted to decorate the last package I sent to Milla :)

    I collect mostly for the illustrations, though I'm always torn (pardon the pun) when it comes to deciding whether to use the illustrations for something else or to leave the book intact. It's so hard to remove pages from a book!

    We have that H.A. Rey The Stars book too and Clover loves the Curious George books.

  2. omg! great minds think alike, eh? :) has milla heard of paul goble before? she will love his drawings so much! to get around cutting up my old books, i have been buying cheap used paperbacks from amazon, cute that clover loves curious george! when my stepson was her age he was obsessed with them too. i love children's books -- so much creativity goes into them.