Monday, August 9, 2010

The Poacher

I'm still swoony for Mexican crafts (starting to think I am gonna be a lifer), and this headboard is totally outta control! Now where's that extra $4,000ish I've been looking for?

I also found this company that will fashion and decorate plates of tin to cover surfaces in your home, like this fairy headboard -- fascinating and intriguing! You can see more of what they do to kitchen cabinets and more here. If I owned my own home and had limitless funding a tin roof in the kitchen would do!

I've learned some about design in the past few years, but one thing I haven't quite learned yet is restraint! When I like something, I can go a little overboard! Luckily, all this tin work is just to get dreamy about...


  1. Ooh, that Art Nouveau headboard is gorgeous! I've always thought it would be cool to do the backsplash behind our stove in decorative tin tiles and spacewise it would be much cheaper than doing a whole ceiling, though I think that would be awesome as well.

    Regarding your earlier question about the chickens, they are supposed to begin laying at around six months, so we've got another four months or so to go. Fresh eggs this Fall though, can't wait!

  2. you should go for it, missa! i absolutely love the look of tin. and it's cheap, as materials go.

    wow, fresh eggs for you so soon! i have heard once you have em fresh, you never will go back. :) can't wait to hear about how it goes.