Friday, June 5, 2009

Into the Mystic

Caveat: while I of course enjoy the original song the most, this cover is a lovely version made by two lovely people. To read my interview with Glen Hansard, click here.

Meanwhile, in this edition, we explore the mystical embroidered sun dress' undeniable allure for days spent by the sea, even on this foggy San Francisco day.

Wishing it was sunny enough to warrant wearing a dress like this today.

I just snapped this up to wear to a wedding! You can wear black to weddings these days, right?

Oaxacan flower embroidery has historically been one of my obsessions, ever since I had little embroidered mary janes as a kid.

Love the simplicity of this dress.

And, finally, if you're feeling sassy:

This little number might do.

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