Friday, June 3, 2011

Lion Lair

by Bonnie

I have a strong feeling I will become a clog-gal as I grow older and even find it odd I don't own a pair already. Wooden shoes are the best, are they not? These are particular faves, though I am not convinced they would work on my big feet...


  1. I love these! Never seen a pair like em before. IS this what you got for work? :)
    ~ jamie

  2. hi j! thanks again for the wining and dining yesterday! so great. i didn't get these shoes cause i am not sure they would look good on me...just got regular old clogs for now since my feet/knees are hurting so badly and i'm gonna see how it goes and if i love them i may get more and diversify. all the best clogs are so expensive!

  3. It was fabulous! Thanks for making it over here :D I hope we can do it again soon!!
    If the end of actual shoe stores ever happens I am going to be so sad... It's true! You need to try some before you buy some. I wonder if petite feeted girls get away with more blind buys because they have cute feet that'll be cute in every shoe? Then there's the comfort factor. Once you find a brand you like you'll never switch. I hope your first pair is that brand!

  4. aw, i've totally been missing you and my other bloggy friends too! are you still on the road? i guess i will pop over to yr blog and find out! :)