Friday, November 16, 2012

Dead End Street

Now you know what I have been listening to on repeat in the past bit of time (see post below), but I must say, life-wise I have had a topsy-turvy year of it in all, explaining my absence from such things as blogging. The thrilling news is that things have been looking up in a major way for the past few months.

2012 has been the year where I finally have taken charge of my life and fate in a way I didn't think I was capable of. I felt like I was living on Dead End Street for the first half and some change of 2012 but now the joyful, energetic feeling I have every day has been distinct, ever since I got a job that I love with a happy work environment. And that, my friends, has made all the difference.

There's also this...

My buddy Blue with his newly shaggy winter coat has kept me quite busy as well, galloping along wooded trails in all seasons.


  1. Hey Sally, welcome back! It was good to hear from you and I'm so glad to hear that life is on the upswing :)

    Congrats on finding a job that truly suits you, that's awesome. Hope you continue to post when you can!

    Also, your buddy Blue is a beauty.

  2. Amazing, so happy for you!!!!!! Glad you did blog, Happy Holidays!

  3. Congratulations all around! 2012 has been a big year of change for me too. It's funny, in this transition I wrote about horses and how I really want to start riding again. Now I can do it vicariously through your blog!

  4. Thought of you and wishing you well :)