Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Serious, serious omg time. This porcelain company called Nymphenburg has a new line of plates called "My Night Sky." You can order a set of seven plates that will be hand painted and personalized with an exact replica in gold and platinum of the night sky for a particular date, time and place. WHOA! mind. being. blown. Price upon request, but of course.


  1. Wow. Those plates are indeed gorgeous. The idea of painting constellations is a genius.

  2. Those plates are AWESOME! I want a set for myself, and what a fun gift idea :)

    The river house we were at was in Forestville, very near Guerneville, enjoy your birthday tubing!

  3. missa! thanks for commenting. you and milla's blogs are SO inspirational for fact, i think i am gonna start posting again here. thank you! i added you to my blogroll too. :)

    love forestville! love guerneville! i can't wait to hit the river in a few short weeks! happy summer!