Monday, July 5, 2010

Sea of Love

I grew up in a nature-fascinated family that was always picking up treasures everywhere we went. We were collectors. Shells, pinecones, rocks, feathers, and of course, driftwood. I have always had a very soft spot for all natural things and it carries over to the jewelry I wear and the collections I still tend to.

One of the most amazing things to happen to me this year was meeting local artist Ruth Kneass. I saw her extraordinary work, similar to the necklaces above, at Gravel and Gold, one of the best shops in SF. And then for months, I couldn't get it out of my head -- the delicacy of it, the gravity of it, how much time it must take first of all to find the right driftwood to use as the focal point of a piece, and then to create something so intricate and gorgeous from it.

I emailed Ruth on a whim and asked about the necklaces and she sent me the pic below -- what was available. I chose the most simple one, third from the right. She told me the wood came from Gualala, up north, and ironically one of my family's cherished hangouts of olde. It made the piece even more special to me. Meeting Ruth in person to pick it up was so awesome and inspiring -- she's the kind of earth mama and creative soul you only hope can still afford to live here in the Bay Area. If you want to know more about Ruth and her work, visit her website here.

When I wear the necklace around town it feels like the perfect talisman of my past, present and future. Thank you, Ruth.


  1. What a treat to see! And at first thing this morning!! Glad you posted :D

  2. :) i'm gonna try to get back to it!

  3. So pretty! My grandparents have a driftwood plant pot that I want when they die and my whole family thinks I'm crazy :-)

    My friend Wendy is friends with the Gravel and Gold owners, but I have never been there.

  4. amber, driftwood just always has really called to me! it's so gorgeous. you're not crazy at all for wanting that pot -- i love that i am not alone in this!

    i don't know the gals that run g&g either but i seriously could not be more into their shop -- if you come down to sf you really have to check it out. it's beyond.