Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cortez the Killer

My general fascination with mysticism, folklore, and all things witchy has turned in the past few years to Latin America, especially Mexico.

Mexican silverworkers in the '30s and '40s such as Pedro Castillo (his bracelet above) and Margot de Taxco turned to their country's Pre-Colombian roots as well as the art deco popular around that time and made jewelry of striking, timeless beauty. Nowadays, you can find original pieces on eBay if you're lucky (and relatively small wristed), but you can also find places that make copies of older works as well (and are mega expensive), or cheaper copies on eBay and etsy.

I love the bold jungle-y green stones on this guy! Bracelet is available on etsy.

as is this one...

I don't know when I became such a sucker for a cuff bracelet, or any chunky kind of bracelet really, but it's real, it's happened and can't be denied!


  1. Last time I was in Mexico I purchased the most beautiful silver cuff bracelet from a local artisan. It had a vinelike flowery motif that wrapped around a gorgeous moonstone. I then proceeded to lose it on a later trip to Tahoe, so so bummed about it to this day, it was one of the best pieces of jewelry I've ever owned :(

  2. ai, that sucks! i have a bracelet from mx that i got 15 yrs ago but almost never wear because the clasp opens and it falls off without warning! i've almost lost it so many times. someday you'll have to go back and try to find another similar cuff!

  3. I have been saving up for a Spratling piece for day. My Abuelita has a few beautiful 30's era Taxco brooches. Dreamy.