Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild World

After suffering some personal disappointment today in the job realm, this song popped into my head.

And as for right here, it also ties into the fact that I have been looking all summer for the perfect piece to add some tribal goodness to my routine, whether it is a dress, top or accessory. I love this early 90s revival that has been going on -- and though flannels and plaids have never really left my clothing repertoire, I am ready to walk on the wild side with some crazy throwback patterns! Haven't quite found the right thing yet, but here are some contenders. (I coulda been a contender! ;)

This dress is heavy on neutral pattern.

Love batik in all its forms! Has it ever gone out of style, really?

Love this bag via the always-impressive Astral Boutique!

This dress is my fave, but strapless?? Not really sure if I'm up to that!

P.S. The "summer" we're having in SF has been just as cold as winter, even chillier than our usual gloomy summers! Not exactly feeling as tropical/sunny as these pieces! But I can save 'em for our ol' reliable Indian summer in Sept/Oct.


  1. Aw, thanks so much for including my bag! I put that up there when I was short on rent, ha ha, actually I really do LOVE it in a big way! I am fascinated with patterns right now, too- like a bird to pattern-y objects I am, in every store. Finding the right one to actually wear is a challenge, though! So far I am sticking with India and Indonesia for my dresses.... but Africa is CALLING me! (-: Sasha

  2. p.s. i love your blog- adding you to my blog roll right now! (-:

  3. thanks, that's so sweet! your blog is a consistent fave o' mine. in your pics you always remind me of janet planet in the best psychedelic, earth mothery kind of way. :)

    and patterns are a major obsession of mine too. i honestly don't understand how so many people can wear black/grey/dun all the time and not need a splash of something fun! african patterns are at the top of my list currently as well! the brighter, the better!