Monday, February 14, 2011

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

(One of my favorite videos ever! Creative to the max!)

Happy Valentine's Day! We're not up to much this year -- the boyfriend is starting a new job today, which waaaay trumps any Hallmark holiday! But I am going to make his favorite cake in Valentine colors as a surprise when he comes home from work. Do you have fun plans?

Even though this year's vday may not be the most romantic personally, romance was still on my mind when I saw this beautiful, intricate locket...

It's the jewelry version of this drawing...!

found via Hey, We Made It!


  1. We exchanged cards and I got some flowers and then we got in our jammies, hit the couch and watched the Peanuts Valentine's special on DVD. Then we watched In a Lonely Place, not really a romantic film but it's Gloria Grahame, Bogart, lovely, vintage fashion, California stucco and it's black and noir! In other words, quite a dreamy movie for us. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! A day to spend your way with your Sweetie :>

  2. Oh an that is an absolutely AWESOME locket!!!{Drool}

  3. tera, i LOVE in a lonely place! one of my absolute faves. and i love that apt complex featured in it! sounds like a great night!

    i made a (betty crocker, he loves those) cake for the bf to celebrate v-day and his new job, and dyed the two layers different shades of pink, which was kind of fun. then he ended up coming home early enough for us to head to our favorite hole in the wall mexican place for margaritas and dinner! all in all, a great v-day!