Saturday, December 31, 2011


by Michael Hurley

First of all, if you're not checking out Cabin Porn, you're missing out! Epic amazingness...

And second, 2011 was the blurriest year of my life -- it just flew on by before I could even properly get acquainted with it! I am so grateful for all the new experiences I had this year in particular. I nabbed a new job (eh.), found myself with the sudden chance to rekindle an old passion (horses) and even randomly became utterly obsessed with something that I previously woulda said was thoroughly inconceivable for me...a baseball team (The Giants)!

All this has taught me that sometimes life really, truly hands us the unexpected and that it can be an awesome thing! Responding to how you feel deep in your heart, to what moves you, even if it's inexplicable, silly, or something you're unsure of (and even if it doesn't turn out as you'd hoped), is one large part of what makes life worth living. This year for me included major movement forward, lots of joy and then some frustrations too, but I'm ready for what's coming next and appreciate what I have. Thoughts for 2012:

1. More patience when it comes to life and where it's headed.

2. More listening, less talking. (Didn't I say something similar last year?! Still something to focus on. ;)

3. Find a job that is meaningful and pays the bills. (Isn't this everyone's quandry?)

4. Tidy up more often, continue to get ridda stuff and bring in only the essential.

5. Get my money outta that big, bad bank and into a proper credit union asap. One tiny way to give the govt the middle finger and I'm all for it!

6. As much horsemanship as the year will allow!

Happy 2012! Looking forward to all the astonishing, unexpected things that it will bring.


  1. Honey Child! Happy New Year to you. May all your goals come to fruitition, big and small. And man I wish I had my own computer right now so that I could while away the dark winter nights by it.