Thursday, December 30, 2010

One For the Road

Actual New Year's Resolutions:

1. Travel more. Try to make it to Santa Fe.

2. Continue to work on fully realizing and appreciating my life right now and not being so worried about the uncertainty of the future.

3. More time in West Marin, contemplating and hiking once the knee is better.

4. Get rid of more stuff and have less stuff. Buy and keep only what I truly love. The real challenge is two collectors living in a small apt and keeping up with this...

5. Continue to work on spending more time with my own little family and establishing our own traditions.

6. Sleep more, talk less!

7. Breathe, deeply and often (it's so easy to forget)!

What are some of your resolutions for 2011?


  1. I haven't made any yet but I would like to steal #2,#4, #5 and #7 from you.. I need to travel more. I'd like to get up to NYC but the whole flying thing has me procrastinating. When I think of trains and boats though.... ahhhh less hassles just not enough vacation time, ugh! 54321Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy New Year Sally!

    Some great resolutions here, good luck in keeping up with them! I've never really been one to do the resolution thing, but I guess if I had to come up with some, I'd like to get myself to some yoga classes this year, actually do home projects that I constantly procrastinate on, same goes for crafty type things, dust off the sewing machine and knitting needles, read more books. I really want to travel more this year too. Well, here's to an awesome 2011 :)

    p.s. That was Doran Beach in Bodega Bay that we were at.

  3. hey gals!

    tera, i am a nervous flyer as well, so i totally understand. it's unnerving, but worth it for the speedy travel! i haven't been to nyc in several years now and i am ready to get back there.

    missa, agh, getting actual exercise in is such a big one! i didn't even put it down oni my list cause i know i can never stick to anything. i hope you make it to yoga! i walk myself to and from the train station, about a 10 minute walk, twice a day, so that's what i count as "exercise!" better than nothing, but really not much! read more books is a good one too. i just read "one day" by david nicholls. it was ok, but super l-i-t-e -- the kind of beach/airplane reading you can still feel not embarrassed about, basically. :) i haven't been to bodega bay in forever! maybe it's time to head up there sometime in the spring. :)

    happy new year!