Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can't You Hear Me Knocking

by The Rolling Stones

Also having problems not buying this...for my cat. A teepee for cats? Honestly, while I can freely admit I am obsessed with my cat, I truly don't usually get so silly about cat stuff (he is as happy as anything in a plain ol' grocery bag), but the plaid underside of the bearskin rug is the extra kicker. Too much! And my cat lives and dies for cardboard or any paper product, really. He would be delighted. Don't know where we have the room in the apt, though.

And aren't these models just beyond gorgeous? I think they are Burmese. Sweetfaces!

(First saw the teepee on design*sponge.)


  1. Oh yeah, I think your sweet kitty definitely deserves a cardboard teepee and faux bear skin rug for Christmas.

    This makes me want another cat even more than I already do. So I can get it a teepee... too awesome.

    Actually, I should get Clover one of these for her stuffed animals, that would be pretty rad, she'd probably love it.

  2. omg, yes! what a perfect idea for miss clover! take pics if you do end up giving it to her! i'll do the same if i get it for my kit.