Saturday, December 11, 2010

Waterloo Sunset

The bf and I have planned a bitty one night getaway to Calistoga in the new year! I'm thrilled!

It's the (relatively) cheap time of year to hit up Indian Springs and we've made it a bit of a pilgrimage the past few years. Normally outlandish, between Nov and March you can swim in the gorgeous hot spring fed pool for just $200 a night-- which is really two full days, since you can stay till 5pm after you check out.

I'm not a spa girl at all; in fact, I have never been to any other one or even used any of the actual spa services at IS, but I find laying in the warm water for basically two days straight, watching the fog slowly creeping over the dark, forested ridge lines and the incredible billowing sparrow "clouds" that open and undulate in the sky to be the absolute best kind of refueling a gal can do. It's worth the price of admission, esp when your grandma is treating you for a Christmas present!

My great grandparents used to come to this very spot way back in the day to stay in the cottages and get their hot spring on. I love that.

and p.s. There's a great Native American jewelry store on the main drag in town. I often come home with a treasure or two.

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