Monday, October 11, 2010


Well, here he is! I can't even put into words what my cat means to me! He's the sweetest, most special little guy.

I think he would like one of these cat beds to snuggle in (that's not him in there):

I love how they are woven and resemble a basket. You can get em in any color right here!


  1. Aw that face, he looks like such a sweetie! I miss having a kitty. We must get another one at some point. I'm such a cat person.

    Those are the coolest kitty beds ever.

  2. yes, i remember seeing that you had a cat -- guinness, right? hopefully you will get another one someday soon. there's nothing better! i am a total, complete cat person too. we just got our kitty a little over a year ago from a rescue. his flat little face kills me! i adore him.

    the beds are the raddest, just a tad pricey, although i am sure they take a lot of work to make. i love love love their look though! it's so hard to find a cute and useful pet bed.