Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Age Old Blue

by Alela Diane

These crystals from Little Doe are not messing around -- they are serious chunks of hunky matter! I love them. It's killing me that I can't upload the big sized pics on the site. Just go there and have a look!

Chase Cohl is the lady behind Little Doe and she also designs accessories such as these:

Although there is more than a touch of LA-trust fund hipster to all this, I gotta admit I love her looks. Feathers, crystals, velvet, you say? I'm easy like Sunday morning.


  1. I was checking out the Little Doe site just the other day... sooooo gorgeous!!!

    Hey, I stopped by the Pendleton store here in town yesterday. To see the blankets in person of course, and totally fell in love with one in particular. It would be so perfect for our little trailer. I'm thinking Christmas gift from mom this year ;)

  2. awright, pendleton fever all around! :) i didn't know there was a pendleton store in sr -- will have to check it out sometime when i am up there.