Friday, October 29, 2010

Winter Is Blue

by the beautiful Vashti Bunyan

I'm having the hardest time getting any real work done today. The air is crisp with scattered drips of rain and I have been crunching fuji apples non-stop and letting time drip past slowly. I am angry my beloved Mondo lost Project Runway and I am frankly weary of my daily grind, even though it's not all that bad when I realllllly think about it.

On to much more important things! I had already decided not to send Christmas cards this year, since I am trying to save money (hah!). I do love Christmas cards so much, though, both giving and receiving! It was with great pride that I sent out my first set 4 years ago. I felt like a proper adult with my own real, live family and a home to call our own! I'd made it! I'm such a paper product fiend.

So today, I saw these adorable Rifle Christmas cards are sold in boxes that come out to $2 a card...hard to resist, though I am for the moment...

I am resolved to get out of this mental rut. Once I am done "working" I will attempt to thoroughly clean my house (hah again!), get rid of the clutter, and set my mind free!

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