Wednesday, October 20, 2010


by Fleetwood Mac

Yosemite looms large in my memory. As a child we made a yearly jaunt every spring and it remains my favorite place on earth, and one of the most evocative of times past. Having breakfast at the Ahwahnee Hotel was always a highlight on our trips. I spent countless hours exploring both the interior and the grounds and its intricacies have been etched in my mind.

The decor in my apartment today is in many ways influenced by its design. I'm always looking for more ways to create the feeling of being in Yosemite in my tiny place (which is hilarious when I think about it -- our apt is so tiny and dark!) and just found out that Pendleton has a special Ahwahnee blanket! Love it.


  1. Oh, how I wish I could afford to stock my home with Pendleton blankets. The Ahwahnee is gorgeous!

    Having spent most of my life in this area, I find it pretty sad that I've only been to Yosemite twice. Once was actually for a wedding held right outside the Ahwahnee Hotel.

  2. you just can't go wrong with pendleton blankets! you should take clover to yosemite someday. it's such a wonderful place to see when you are a child -- an imagination grabber! it's also a surprisingly accessible place, even with a small kiddo. :) my parents always tell me the only time i ever stayed in the ahwahnee was when i was a tiny baby literally in a basket in their hotel room! it's kind of always been my secret dream to get married at the ahwahnee someday...:) cool that you went to a wedding there!

  3. My husband gave me a vintage style Pendleton blanket for Christmas one year. He noticed they were used in beach party movies on the beach instead of towels. Of course that was California and the climate is worlds apart from what we find in Texas. Still, we use it for picnics and those rare icy breaks we get in the winter. I want more, they are all so gorgeous!

  4. i am so in love with pendleton blankets! if i had more dough, i would bundle myself up in as many as i could carry! you are lucky to have one! i convinced my mom to buy the ahwahnee one for my boyfriend for christmas (he doesn't mind that it's kinda more for me)! yay!