Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day of the Animals

Now that Halloween has passed, we are officially at the time of year that inevitably hurtles full force toward the holidays, and with that comes the time when the difficult shopping for my boyfriend begins. He seems like the most laid back guy on earth, and in most ways he is, but at the same time, this is a man who felt the need to buy and iron AND an ironing board for our tiny-ass apt! (Wrinkled clothes are a-ok with me.) I mean to say, he's particular about certain things, gifts included. His usual refrain is, "don't get me anything," which leaves me to my own devices.

Something he loves more than ironing is the movie Day of the Animals from 1977. It's exactly what you think it is: the animals strike back against unsuspecting humans! So over the top! Kitchy horror and Leslie Nielsen flicks are my dude's thing for sure! So I am considering getting him a vintage movie poster. It's kind of bad ass and will even go with our lodge-y decor!


  1. I totally feel your pain. Lucas is a tough one to shop for too. This sounds like a great idea though!

  2. :) i will post any other ideas i have! i say we get our guys and pull em into unionmade for a shopping spree! it's really too expensive for something like that though; they even have some of the pendleton for opening ceremony collection there...$500ish for sweater. ouch!

  3. I remember seeing this movie:>