Wednesday, November 10, 2010


by Quasi

There's a new shop, Big Things, opening in SF on 17th and Capp and I checked out their website today and came across these fab bandannas.

What's with my bandanna obsession lately? It's getting real! And Yosemite, constellations and a cloud diagram?! How's a girl to decide? One of each to decorate a wall, perhaps?


  1. This shop looks awesome, the bandannas are all very cool. I think I'm in love with those navojo rug totes though, serious love.

    Hey, we've been looking around for throw pillows for our couch which happens to be chocolate brown. I'm coming up with nothing good, so I thought you just might be the perfect person to ask... any ideas?

  2. hi missa! our couch is choc brown too! we got it at ikea about 4 years ago. what a fun challenge, to find good throw pillows! not knowing exactly what your color scheme is, here's a few ideas:

    -i have been drooling over these pillows for weeks but they are too modern for my apt. they are so beautiful though, esp the tipi party one! love the colors too.

    -my absolute favorite kind of pillows, though, are kilim. they ain't cheap but, wow, are they beautiful when you find the right one! here's some on etsy:

    -then, since you and i have been on such a pendleton kick lately, you can get pretty cheap pendleton pillows here:

    -as you probably know, i am obsessed with latin american crafts, esp textiles, and my couch pillows look like these:

    i got them on ebay for cheeeeap!

    -otomi fabric makes me weak in the knees. here's a pillow on ebay:

    usually there is a good assortment at a shop called jacaranda home, but for some reason their site is down right now.

    -also, you see this woman's textiles all over the web and i love them, but her style's also too modern for my apt. :( so gorgeous though, esp duikers:

    hope this all helps and that you enjoy looking around at em all! let me know what you end up doing! :)


  3. These links are awesome Sally, thanks so much for doing this! I knew I came to the right person because apparently we have the exact same taste in couch pillows, haha!

    I had been looking at kilim pillows, they're my favorites too, but yes, unfortunately too expensive. Oh, by the way, our choc brown couch is also from Ikea.

    The Pendleton pillows I also love. I saw some at the Pendleton store when I went but again pretty pricey. The ones on the link you sent were cool but I'm not sure about the faux leather backing. I kinda want pillows that are soft and cozy on both sides. I've also decided I don't want anything silky or shiny, you see a lot of that in couch pillows for some reason.

    I had also looked at skinny laminx but that stuff is a bit too modern for me as well. I love the idea of some sort of mix-matched set of ethnic patterned textiles. The ones you said look like your pillows are great, it looks like you actually have to call about those ones in order to order them though. The Otomi ones on Ebay are I think too white to have with a three year old, haha, need a darker base color or busier pattern I think.

    After following your etsy links and then cruising around, I did however come across this amazing gem of a pillow on sale: I pretty much can't stop thinking about it now, but I'm torn because then I'd have to find other pillows to go with it and my whole mismatched ethnic textiles dream would be out the window!

    Not sure what I'm gonna do yet, I'll keep you posted ;) Thanks again!

  4. hi missa, no problem -- it was fun to create that list! kilim pillows...agh. i don't own any myself either cause of the expense, but they are my dream. you and i are totally on the same page with the pillow vision -- a mix of ethnic patterns is just what i would love to achieve someday too. :)

    having a kid and a little black cat and a sloppy-ish boyfriend, the choc brown couch has worked out better than i ever could have imagined when we first got it! :) love that you have the same one!

    i think the pillow you found on sale is really cute! will go perfectly with the couch too! so sweet. not totally sure if this would work with the treehouse pillow because of its more casual tan fabric, but if you want something solid-colored and soft that's not shiny or silky (i dislike those too) -- velvet pillows are beautiful, soft and rich looking:

    (scroll down the page for the velvet pillow selection)

    also! there are some cheaper kilim options on etsy if you search:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=vintage

    here's a place where you can get the chiapas pillows, though they are more expensive than what i paid for mine (got mine on ebay for under $30 each):

    or here:

    just for eye candy's sake (they are muy expensivo), these are my faaaave pillows at that store i mentioned, jacaranda home:

    you can really tell i love pillows by now...:)

  5. I LOVE these, I can't wait to see the store in real life!

  6. i can't wait to see YOU in real life! it's been forevs!