Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let's Move To The Country

by Smog

My apartment's decor is something that happened organically, just me gathering things I loved (and that the bf approves of!), until I realized one day finally where all these textiles, rich colors and woodsy influences actually came from! It was a head smacking moment -- of course! I was inadvertently recreating in my own small way the interior of the Ahwahnee Hotel, an important sentimental place for myself and my family.

Anyway, I'm thinking of changing a few things for the better. The bf and I have a Native American rug hung above our bed, sorta like the one above, and two cheap wrought iron sconces with candles on either side. I am thinking of switching up the sconces, replacing them with these rustic beauties from etsy:

I've also had some garlands draped above the rug (from Daiso, my favorite Japanese variety store, originally!) that are tiny pinecones, star anise and cloves twined together with gold thread, but after a few years I've realized they don't stand out enough, and that if you are not close to them, they actually appear to be bits of dirt! So I am considering replacing them with real pinecone garlands, now that they are more readily available since it's almost the holidays. I like this one:

If I lived out in the country I'd probably make my own, but seeing as I'm city bound, without any outings to pinecone country planned any time soon (sob!), I may just purchase one instead.

Above all, I want my bedroom to be as warm and cozy as possible, considering it is a dark, popcorn ceiling-ed cavern. I guess gussying it up to be reminiscent of the Ahwahnee is my small way of making it feel like home.

p.s. Isn't this song so romantic? I love it! Hadn't heard it in a while.


  1. Ah-Ha! What a funny/awesome realization! I love both the candle holder sconces and the pine cone garland, great choices :)

    Speaking of home decor choices, I finally made a pillow purchase! Thanks so much for that link, btw, I almost bought it but hesitated since there was only one. I was worried I would then end up finding something else that didn't go with it at all.

    In the meantime though, I stumbled upon this set of three (perfect number as we have an L-shaped couch): They'll go with our red wooden coffee table and at only 10 bucks a piece, I just couldn't resist!

    I like that they match but are each slightly different. I'd still like to find a few more to mix in with these, something different that would compliment them, so if you happen to come across anything good, let me know!

  2. thanks, ladies! :)

    missa, the pillows you chose are fabulous! we continue to have the same pillow taste! if i see anything complementary i will send em your way.