Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bridges and Balloons

Happy Mother's Day to the mamas!

Yesterday, in celebration of a mom-to-be, I went to a baby shower for my beloved cousin, who is due in late July, and I managed to convince that man o' mine take my first ever outfit shots (in a particularly unphotogenic corner of my apt -- something to work on) before heading to the blessed event...!

Dress: thrifted from Hot Couture in Santa Rosa years back
Belt: Community Thrift
Locket: vintage, gifted to me by a dear friend
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden (it can be tough to thrift shoes when you got big ol' clompers like me! :)

And here's one of me with my exquisitely flat-faced kitty! His non-profile amuses me to no end. He is obsessed with licking faces.

I had forgotten I had this lovely frock, and it was missing a button down the center. My bf is my seamstress, thank goodness, so while I ran around getting ready he whipped up a fix by using a cuff button. Yes, my man is much craftier than me! :)


  1. Oh Sally, my heart just did a little leap when I realized that that's you! You are so lovely, that dress is so lovely, and from my local vintage shop no less, how fun!

    Aw, yay, I hope this is the first of more outfit posts to come :D

  2. I'm with Missa! I've been yarning to see your sweet face and get a glimpse of your style. Love it! Oh and gratuitous kitty-shot gets a thumbs up from this reader ;D