Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Always See Your Face

by Love

I got a gorgeous vintage woven rug from Venezuela for Christmas from my amazing and thoughtful friend Kelly, and of course, my cat took to it immediately, as cats do with delicate and precious things that lie on the floor...

Despite hooking several threads in his over-eager claws and the laborious process of fixing the poor rug, I couldn't adore this little bugger more. And the rug is super fab too, now decorating the floor next to our bed! Love waking up to its super cheery colors!


  1. Oh my GOODNESS, what an ADORABLE kitty!!!!! How cute!!! LOve your rug as well but my heart just melted and I need to sccop it off the floor :>

  2. my kitty has my heart! he is just amazing -- so cute and so much fun. people always have a strong reaction to his flat little face; either they get him or they don't...we've only had him about a year and a half but i can't live without him! <3 glad you like him too!