Monday, March 21, 2011

Withered and Died

by Richard and Linda Thompson

As promised, here are some selections from the Elkus Family's jewelry...


  1. To DIE for, geez! Ever been to the Millicent Rogers Museum? I have not but is it ever a destination!

  2. The second to last bracelet is calling out to me something fierce. As is pretty much every painting from your previous post, so gooooood!

  3. the artwork is outta control amazing, i agree, missa. creating these posts has been so much fun -- going through those archives was pure pleasure.

    and omg, tera, that museum looks incredible! yet another reason to head to new mex. sheesh. i need to make this happen! maybe in the summer.

  4. oh! i love! i'll take one of each...

    p.s. i forgot to get back to you a couple weeks ago when you inquired about one of my tunics. a regular had already scooped it up by then, but i meant to acknowledge you before now. i'm sorry :)

  5. Oh my gosh these posts are amazing! I'm in love with the art. Thank you for sharing. I also love your header. So dramatic. Happy spring and thank you so much for all your lovely comments. Now back to the adoring ;D

  6. thanks, milla! the artwork post is maybe my favorite post i've ever pulled unreal and dreamy.

    you totally "get" my header! it's my idea of a perfectly dramatic shore, like the ones in marin where i grew up. absolutely one of my favorite views to keep inside my mind at all times. :)

    thanks for commenting! i feel special. :)