Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewee Sewee

by Mountain Man

Over the past few days, I've still been slowly going through the Elkus Family archive online and I can't resist sharing more here...the artwork is incredibly inspiring and from many different tribes from all across North America and all pre-1960! I'm's totally timeless and transporting stuff. This is just a sampling of the collection, and I haven't even gotten to the jewelry yet! Jawdropping.


  1. This is such a phenomenal find Sarah! I'm gonna need to Tweet this post.
    And this SONG!!! I just listened to it over and over while listing new items. Thank you for introducing me to my new favorite band!

  2. hi amber! mountain man is my absolute favorite band i've heard in ages! i haven't been able to stop listening for the past year and a half! it's like their voices haunt my brain. more songs here:

    they are aaaaaamazing. <3