Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Up

by Sleater-Kinney

Going to the mall is a rare occasion for me, and when I go, it's kind of a mind-bender. I think because I am not surrounded by mall culture, living in the big city, I find it interesting, and due to my limited exposure I always have a good time there taking it all in. It's very weird to me that some people shop only the mall. 'Most everything there feels like such a waste to me, except the frozen yogurt, of course!

Anyway, I went so I could hit up JCrew to check out this shirt, which was not good in person. So glad I went and saw it for real! But I ended up quenching my thirst for stripey goodness with these tanks instead in navy and red -- the fit is incredible and I feel like I should be headed to Rockaway Beach with the Ramones in 'em! I don't buy brand new clothing much, but I highly recommend them!

I'm gonna pair the red tank with my old brass u.s. navy locket, some cutoffs, maybe black espadrilles and ride my bike along the shore! Sunny season, here we come!


  1. I loved reading this because it is how I feel at a mall. We never go and when we do it's just weird to us and turns into a fun outing. Love your stripetees!

  2. it's true --everything is so convenient and bizarro at the same time! i always have fun rubbernecking and eating cinnabon! :)

  3. Seriously, we walked through the mall yesterday on our way to Railroad Square and it's always like entering some sort of strange alternate reality and then I get really tripped out when I realize that this IS reality for the majority of people, so weird! Clover always insists on taking a spin up and down the escalater, which I think she's under the impression is some sort of ride, haha :)

    The tank is super cute, btw, I love how you plan to wear it too.

  4. agh, santa rosa mall is huuuuuuuge! i haven't been there in ages, but i remember it well. glad i am not the only one who feels so alien at the malls! :) (and love that clover is into the escalator! i remember doing that when i was a kid too!)