Friday, April 1, 2011

The Enchanted Tiki Room

It's very possible that I've gone too far this time, but bear with me here...

We took a little jaunt to LA this past week to see some friends and family, and while there, the bf and I went to a place called Olvera Street, where you can find an array of Mexican crafts, mostly of not super-great quality; I still had a fantastic time there (and came away with two pairs of awesome leather shoes!), and one of the sudden visions I had involved getting this ceramic toucan you can hang from your ceiling, imagining it in our bedroom...

Maybe I spent too much time in the Tiki Room at Disneyland as a kid, but this little guy seemed like such a fun thing to have in a bedroom! Now that he's home though, I am realizing that one side of my room, above our bed, is decorated like this mostly, fairly subdued and going for a lodge-y feel. Fitting the toucan in is a bit head scratching.

The other side of the bedroom wall, the one we face from the bed and clearly where the toucan would end up, has a super brightly colored Otomi embroidery (kind of like the one above, only much better), several witchy Huichol yarn pieces and other assorted ephemera. So you see, the two halves of the room don't exactly, er...go together, though both make me extremely happy (luckily, the bf goes along with it!). I've been trying to bridge the gap, not make it greater...Would the vibrant and sorta silly Mr. Toucan just take it too far over the top? I'm mulling it over.

After all, if we don't use the poor guy in our room, I'm sure he'll have a happy home in my stepson's bedroom!


  1. We're going to Sayulita, Mexico for a week at the end of May. I'm totally looking forward to checking out the local Huichol art!

    Ha! Did you find a spot for the toucan?

  2. wow, that sounds wonderful! i hope you have some great finds there. very excited to hear all about it!

    still haven't figured out the toucan "situation"... :P