Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Surf's Up

by Brian Wilson

While on our recent trip to LA, we stayed in lovely Venice Beach, and of course that means we took a bike ride over to Abbot-Kinney, one of the main shopping streets there. Surfing Cowboys was far and away the most amazing spot along that drag. Truly to die for vintage furniture, and -- sparking my interest, of course -- an exceptional collection of vintage Native American jewelry. So exceptional, mind you, that I had to be dragged away and am still thinking about the pieces, most too small for my larger-than-average wrists and fingers. I was informed by the staff that Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall's daughter is the one who selects and brings in their incredible Native American pieces. Like her parents, gal's got taste for days!

All these pics are from Surfing Cowboys' website -- I didn't take any pics inside myself...too shy!

Their stuff is the real deal, folks.


  1. oh my. that store is perfection! all the best of west stuff in one place, yum. i have always loved venice beach. i used to find the sweetest vintage indian gauze pieces at animal house. we haven't been there in ages. sigh.

    oh, the leather crescent necklace (with a turquoise stone stitched on) that i pictured in my last blog post is priced at $16 (um, yeah, i am bad at pricing so most of the stuff at our shop is basically wholesale rate...). let me know if you want me to snag it and take more pics so that you might consider it more closely :)

  2. Perfection.
    I'm sure you were in heaven/ lih-ving :D
    p.s. God- when will we ever catch up?

  3. Ooh, I love both those bracelets. I imagine I would probably have to be dragged out of this place too :)

  4. Loving it! As larger than average fingers owner I can emphatize with this. And Bogie and Bacall's daughter! More style in her little finger...
    Also, now that I'm following you, I'll be better able to keep up with posts, which makes me happy!