Monday, April 11, 2011


by Crosby

I give my parents a lot of credit -- they got my brother and I out and into the wilderness, even in cold and foggy weather, almost every weekend growing up, even when we were teeny tiny. They are huge hikers, and even spent their honeymoon partially in Yosemite (other part in Carmel Valley), the site of some of their first times spent together in high school, camping and backpacking, naturally.

Anyway, we were always at play in West Marin, whether it was at one of many beaches collecting shells and driftwood or in the woods collecting pinecones and feathers. My family is intricately involved in the nature that surrounds our particular part of the world and there is nowhere that feels more like home to me than out in Inverness, Bolinas, Lagunitas, Woodacre, Pt. Reyes, Bear Valley, etc.

As a result of those by-gone days, I have a serious soft spot for the 70s-era hiking gear my parents gleefully sported, and it's coming back into vogue lately it seems, at ridiculous prices. But it's fun to look, isn't it?

These items all from the most beautiful menswear store 'round the corner from me, Unionmade.


  1. Wow, your parents were bad ass. I thrifted a 70s REI parka a while back that was so sweet!

  2. Your parents rock, that's exactly what I want to do with my kid if I ever have one. No playgrounds, too many plastic toys, just nature and discovery. We'll see how that pans out, right? It's easier said than done so kudos to your folks for sticking to what they love even after wee ones and teaching you to share their passion too.

    I thrifted the same parka as Amber and love the aesthetic, When I was a kid, all the hippie kids always wore these anoraks

    I had a red one that I printed a green peace sign on at nature camp. Decidedly not so cool then, but makes me smile with nostalgia now. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Oh I love these pictures. We lived in the Sacramento area for about four years and loved pretty much all California had to offer.That one picture reminded me of a place called Grinding Rock that we went. Loved Carmel and Monterey but San Francisco was so awesome! I am so glad that I found your blog!!

  4. hey gals! my parents did that part of their job well, it's true. it really grounded me and gave me a strong sense of self, too.

    milla, i bet you'll be able to pull this off someday with your own kiddies if anyone can. :) and if you are on your island when you have kids i am quite certain they will be as enraptured with the place as you and c are! it looks like an idyllic spot to raise little ones. and imagining you in that anorak as a kid, so cute!

    amber, i remember the anorak you are referring to and it was truly awesome. they really knew how to make stuff back then, eh?

    alicia, i agree -- west side is the best side!! :)

  5. I REALLY was hoping to take Milla and Charlie on a little tour of West Marin while they were here, it's so beautiful, unfortunately, the horrid weather kinda foiled my plans, but next time for sure, ya hear that Milla!

    I would love to come across some rad 70's hiking gear in the thrift store one of these days.

  6. ever since i started reading milla's blog i have thought she would absolutely love bolinas and really the whole of west marin! if you take her, let me know! :)

    (and 70s hiking gear is one of the holy grails of thrifting, isn't it? :)