Thursday, April 14, 2011

Precious Things

Oh, let's have a jewelry moment, shall we?

This necklace is awe-inducing.

Key necklace by sadie. Simple beauty.

Back when I ventured to the mall a few weeks ago, I saw an older lady rocking effing amazing snake earrings! They totally worked, too. Loved it, and haven't forgotten. These cobra earrings are not really similar to what she had, but they're still bad ass.

I can't have a post without some turquoise somewhere, can I?

Or something that comes from Mexico!


  1. Oooh. Those cobra earrings are bad-ass. Man. I wish I was bad-ass. And nothing, but nothing wrong with some Mexican influence and turquoise.

  2. I kinda stopped wearing earrings years ago, for no particular reason, just lazy I guess, but just recently I've been considering trying them out again... those Mexican ones are really adding to these feelings in a big way.

  3. funny, when i wrote the words "bad-ass" i had the same thought, milla! don't know if i could really rock those cobras but i would be willing to try! :)

    missa, i went through that too -- i stopped wearing earrings for maybe 8 years and got back into it about 5 yrs ago. (those mexican earrings are a dream -- a good way to jump back in!) i have recently noticed i stopped wearing necklaces for i don't know how long! trying to rectify that! but now when i wear 'em, i feel self conscious since i am not used to it! i need to get over it. :)