Friday, April 8, 2011


By Neil Young

This winter just keeps rolling along, even here in SF, and even though it's April already! It's freezing yet again today and I find myself nursing a cold, drinking hot chocolate, wishing I could curl up in bed and mulling over this cozy looking sweater from the always awesome Violet Folklore. This is the kind of simple get up I would wear, oh, every day!


  1. Yes, that sweater is super cute, Amber knows how to pick 'em, that's for sure!

    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I hope that improves soon. Seems like lots of people are sick right now. Clover is nursing a small case of the sniffles herself.

  2. oh, hope clover's doing better! i'm on the mend finally after a very happy and quiet sunday in bed. :)

  3. Glad to hear you're bettah. I've been sick this week too for the umphteenth time and am so SICK of it. Dang though I didn't even think of hot chocolate.

    I wanted to tell you I was really moved by your comment (your comments are amazing and much cherished) on my last post. Having definitely felt jaded about old faves (Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco) it was wonderful to read about the transformative experience your had with Macca ;) Seriously, it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

  4. hi milla! just... thank you so much! :) so glad to hear that. i swear, my feet didn't touch the ground for days after that show! i felt swept clean of all the negative anythings that i had ever experienced. i think it was a once in a lifetime dealie. :)

  5. Ok, so I happen to have surmised from your a comment on Amber's blog that you did in fact get this sweater, yay!

    Any chance we will ever see this awesome sweater in action here on the blog? Outfit post, eh? You could even go old-school Nicole style and chop your head out of the picture if you're feelin' shy ;) Just a thought :)

  6. missa, you may just have inspired me to do an actual outfit shot, we'll see! :) i am not as much of a gorgeous, crafty dresser as y'all (you inspire me so much!), esp on a daily basis, so there's not as much fun stuff to see, but maybe i should just get over it and do one of them outfit posts sometime soon! i wore the sweater for record store day at work on sat and then to my other job today too! it's makin' the rounds, for sure on these grey days.