Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grandma's Hands

Ah, domestic life. My typically mellow bf actively hates our shoe "storage area" (if it could be called that -- more like where they are tossed chaotically by the door), and called on me to find some sort of basket that can contain them.

And I found these Portuguese reed baskets to obsess over.

They come in a gigantor size that would be perfect for sweetening the normally banal task of door-side shoe storage! And just look at 'em, so cute! It has been established that I love texture, color, and anything rustic and handmade and this hits on all levels, plus it's flexible for a tight space and goes with my Ghanian baskets. Pricey, to be sure, but being part Portuguese myself, I kinda can't resist.


  1. Ooh a new post, featuring weaved items! Man that thing is awesome. Being a big fan of Ghanian baskets myself, I'd like to be the little devil on your shoulder going "get it!"

  2. man, do i ever hear that little devil hanging out right by my left ear! i'm such a sucker for anything woven! :) i'm gonna take some final measurements and hopefully order one later today. yay!

  3. Did you do it!? So cute. I want one of these to store my shipping supplies in. Right now they are all the fuck over the house and it is totally absurd watching me gather supplies (especially for international orders). I always look at the thrifts for such baskets but I think they are a hot commodity!

  4. i totally did it! now remind me not to spend any more money for a while...:P although, the fact that it was for badly needed organization made it already worth it...i was kicking our "pile" of shoes outta the way earlier...i totally understand what you are going through!

  5. I need one of these too! We keep all Clover's tiny shoes in a big random pile by the door, so I know this storage issue well. Yay, I hope it brings as much order to your shoe storage as it will beauty :)

  6. Hi!, Thanks to mention my baskets on your blog! I loved your and other comments approach! Grandma's hands indeed! Yesterday I add more baskets on Etsy if you would like to take a look.