Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's Dance

cover by M. Ward

Oops, I did it again...No, I haven't been listening to Britney Spears (god forbid). I bought another Navajo rug. (Here's the first one I got.) I really wasn't supposed to spend any money...but it was pretty cheap and I couldn't resist. I really want a house chock full o' these suckers someday, and seeing as our apt is super tiny, I have pretty much have achieved that goal till we move somewhere bigger eventually!

And, to be honest, I broke my spending rule because the more I continue to decorate the space around me and my family with things that I love and that speak to me (and the bf and his son), the more I (and hopefully they) enjoy each day and time spent in our apt! It brightens my days and cozy-s up my nights! It seems so silly but it's absolutely true. Thinking back, I didn't really experience that in my childhood home, so this is a relatively new revelation for me.

Growing up, neither of my parents was into decorating for the simple sake of beauty or even personality (they still aren't). We just had what had been inherited or was plainly useful (and they kept everything forever). I have a complicated or maybe just odd relationship with "things" perhaps as a result, something that has been changing in positive ways over the past several years. Anyway, beauty and connection make such a real difference, not just when it comes to ethereal things in life like relationships (as I was taught when I was young), but also when it comes to "things." They really do. I realize that most people probably knew that all along! Ever since my bf and I moved in together 5 yrs ago, I feel like I am creating a real HOME for the first time, and home is extremely important to me. (My sign is Cancer.)

Now I will be on a for-reals shopping moratorium for a while, but that won't stop me from looking around...hard not to since I spend so much time online for/during my 2 jobs...and it's almost just as fun to look anyway!


  1. It's amazing how much those "things" can boost your sense of feeling at home in a space, isn't it? The rug is gorgeous, yay for the beginnings of a real collection and happy homemaking!

  2. yes, i have been astounded by how much better i have felt as i have added different things i love to our place. really a surprise to me, but it's a great lesson! :)