Friday, October 7, 2011


by The Kinks

My favorite present day artist, Lis Timpone. To see the images larger, visit her website. If I could buy her prints they would cover my walls. Her stuff doesn't appear to be available anywhere for purchase, unfortunately.


  1. You have such a impeccable taste, be it in music, jewelry, or art. These images are amazing, something tribal about them, and equal mix of Asian, African and New World influences, with a little Russian magic thrown in for a good measure. Love them. I like to think the in the last one is none other than the uncoiled Ouros Bouros...

    I also wanted to thank you, once again, for your heartfelt comments. I so enjoyed your musical musings on my last posting. They gave me great hope for a new beginning since, my itunes are forever gone...

    Happy Fall m'dear!

  2. thank you, milla! i'm so glad you love the drawings too. if it's any solace, i lost my itunes with my last computer during the spring (i'm not so good working with music in the digital world!). still haven't even begun to build up anew, but rebuild we will! <3