Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Salvador Sanchez

by Sun Kil Moon

Total omg.

On a more personal note...I've been drawn to pre-Columbian Latin American history and tradition ever since I first learned about it in high school.

Back then, when I was a naive and fully sheltered teenager, I went to the Yucatan to climb Chichen Itza, which itself was a completely magical experience I have never forgotten. I must say though, what struck me most on the trip was the poverty and chaos I witnessed around the area, and it broke my young heart, leaving a deep impact on me. It seems odd to say, but I haven't been back since, despite my only growing interest over the years in Mexican folk art and history. I have felt in the passing years that it's beyond time for me to go back and see the country and all its infinite realities with adult eyes.


  1. Yes, you should go! Quite a few years ago Lucas and I visited the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. Pretty magical stuff indeed.

  2. wow, that sounds ideal. did you come away with any textiles from the area?