Wednesday, October 12, 2011

High, Low and In Between

by TVZ

Native American porcupine quill pieces are beyond gorgeous and often complex, but I found these simple quill earrings that are equally fab...Striking, no?


  1. Awesome, I love those too. I really love how simple they are. Speaking of wearing earrings, I wore the pair you sent the other day (my first time wearing earrings in YEARS) and I've got pictures to prove it ;)

  2. yay missa and tera! missa, i can't wait to see pics! i have been using my kilim bag every day and i am so in love with it! thank you so much once again.

  3. I love these! (it's Kells)
    Porcupine quills can be bought on the cheap at Mendel's - some of them are dark brown fading to warm toasted marshmallow tones, I bought a small one.

    I wonder how difficult it would be to try to make some. Craft alert!