Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glen Tipton

by Sun Kil Moon

I am quite the nervous nell tonight...I have a job interview tomorrow and I want it to go perfectly!

To calm my nerves (and procrastinate about prepping myself) I spent some time finding some beautiful jet pieces on etsy!

I have a real thing for Victorian hand pieces right now. Not that I own any, but I am thinking of someday starting a collection. As this brooch demonstrates, they are graceful and mysterious.

This mourning locket is not photographed so well, but I love the image of the downward-flowers on the jet case. Romantic, tragic, haunting...

p.s. My absolute favorite place to drool over vintage jewelry is Erie Basin, a shop one of my best friends introduced me to. I wish they both were in SF closer to me instead of so far across the country!


  1. Oh gosh, job interviews make me SO nervous too. I hope yours went off without a hitch! These pieces are lovely :)

  2. hi missa! interviews are beyond nerve wracking! it went ok though -- i got a little tongue-tied, but hopefully didn't screw up too much! :) is anyone really able to be themselves at an interview? it seems kind of impossible. now i have another interview for a different job next week too...funny how everything happens at once. i just have to rid myself of this cold and de-muddle my brain so i can nail this next one. :)