Saturday, January 22, 2011

Refuse from a Silver Phial

by Gene Clark

Life has been absolutely flying by lately, faster than ever! I can't believe we're almost through with January already...what!? Anyway, I hate to be such a blatant copycat, but when I saw this necklace at Indian Summer Vintage (an awesome blog, btw!), I fell head over heels at first sight...

Navajo silver beads...incredible! And I managed to find and win (by the skin of my teeth!) a similar one of my own on ebay. I truly couldn't help myself. It hasn't arrived yet but I am thrilled and see it not just as jewelry but also as an inspirational piece of art that will hang on my wall when it's not hanging around my neck!


  1. I LOVE those! Congrats on your win :> Yes, it is incredible how fast this month has gone. Too fast I want a bit slower.

  2. thanks, tera! :) i can't wait to wear them out in the world.