Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the Lost and Found

by Elliott Smith
This song has been stuck in my head for 2 days straight!

Been eyeing this Navajo rug on ebay the past few days. It's small enough to fit in our apt, which is saying something! And the serrated pattern is pretty great. Still, the price isn't great and I need to try to resist for now. Someday when I have a larger, hardwood floored home I dream of covering it with Navajo rugs, though. Tempting to really start my collection now!

I have a beautiful Native American rug in my bedroom on the wall already, and, as I research Native American textiles more and more, I think it could be a Chimayo rug. And, oh, I got the most gorgeous Venezuelan rug for Christmas from a dear one! Pics (with the cat, who took to it instantly, and unfortunately) to come! It's raining textiles in our home! :)


  1. Love your rug! I put a bid on an awesome hand knit Navajo zip vest but the seller unfairly ended the auction early. I was the only bidder and she said she wasn't getting what she wanted for it so she was going to re-list at a higher price. It's amazing how many outfits I had in mind for it. Oh well.

  2. I wish it would start raining textiles in my home! Love the Navajo rugs :)

    Oh my goodness, you were a leg-holder too?! HAha, I hate it when she does that! I was a daddy's girl myself :)

  3. hi tera, man do i hate it when things slip through my fingers on ebay...hopefully you will find something similar soon.

    missa, i was totally stuck to my mom when i was little! agh, it's funny cause now the roles have completely reversed! :) hang in there with clover!